Information about Ryde’s compliance with the Transparency Act

Ryde Technology AS (“Ryde”) is subject to the Norwegian Transparency Act (the “Act”). The Act shall promote companies respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions and ensure the public's access to information. The purpose of the Act is to impose a duty on companies to inform and publish how they work to ensure human rights and sound working conditions.

Ryde is required to carry out a due diligence assessment that must be made public every year. From 1 July 2022, everyone has the right to demand information about the company’s compliance with the Act.

These requests can be made as follows:

Refusal of requests for information

Companies that are covered by the Act must initially respond to all requests regarding the company’s handling of negative consequences for human rights and decent working conditions.

However, Ryde may refuse information requests in the following cases:

  1. The claim does not provide a sufficient basis for identifying what the claim applies to.
  2. The demand is obviously unreasonable.
  3. The requested information concerns information about someone's personal circumstances.
  4. The requested information relates to information about technical devices and methods or other operating or business conditions which is considered trade secrets, or information that in any way would be competitively important to keep secret.

Reporting of security breaches/incidents

If you discover a breach of security or incidents that could have an impact on basic human rights or sound working conditions relevant for Ryde, you are requested to report it immediately.

Report of due diligence assessments:

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