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Founded in Oslo in 2019, Ryde has grown to become Norway's largest micromobility company. Our vision is to revolutionize urban transportation, empowering people to choose their own way of getting around and fully experience city life. We believe in providing the freedom to manage time and flexibility. Our commitment to quality, environmental sustainability, safety, and user-friendliness is central to our business and culture, driving innovative solutions with lasting impact.
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On a mission to unite communities

As part of our ESG agenda, Ryde is committed to preventing actual or potential adverse impacts on human rights and promoting decent working conditions throughout our operations. We engage exclusively with suppliers and business partners who uphold high standards in human rights and working conditions, expecting all parties to adhere to internationally recognized principles for responsible business conduct.

35+ cities in the Nordics

Together with our partners, we continuously strive to deliver an exceptional service that sets the standard for micromobility user experience in every city.

10.000.000+ annual trips

On a mission to make cities more accessible in a green, flexible, and cost-efficient way.

800+ dedicated employees

All departments are staffed in-house. We believe this enhances our commitment to delivering the best possible service while creating a great workplace integrated into the local communities where we operate.

Our service is climate neutral

By continually measuring and working to reduce emissions, and offsetting what can't be eliminated, we offer the greenest service possible. Coupled with the fossil fuel trips our service replaces, the net result is a climate-neutral addition to the cities in which we operate.

Operating everything in-house, since day one

We believe that a key factor in delivering the best service is handling all operations ourselves. This enables us to ensure the highest quality and safety in every aspect of our service. We create local job opportunities in the cities where we operate, and we do not use third parties, subcontractors, or gig workers. Our model is unique in the industry and has been our policy since day one.

A sustainable, green service for every city

As per our vision statement, we believe that for innovative solutions to be effective, have real impact, and create lasting change, they must offer a sustainable, green service that's more attractive than traditional transportation alternatives. That's why we work every day to provide the best service possible. For you, for us, for the cities, and for the future. Choosing green should be advantageous in every way.

We partnered with the best to ensure quality and safety

To ensure the best possible user experience for our users and the cities we operate in, we have partnered with reliable and high-performing companies. Our mission to provide the best sustainable transportation alternative is one our partners also embrace, and for these reasons, we are proud to present them.


Tobias Balchen ryde

Tobias Balchen


Johan Olovsson Ryde

Johan Olovsson


Espen Rønneberg ryde

Espen Rønneberg


Marcus Olovsson

Marcus Olovsson


Alexander Aagreen

Alexander Aagreen


Yankai guan

Yunkai Guan


Henrik Holt

Henrik Holt

UI Designer / Media

Mikkel gudmundsen

Mikkel Gudmundsen


Henrik-Theodor Nilsen


Tobias. B


Tobias. B


Tobias. B


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