Park like a champion.
Become a champion.

Parking is the very last, but perhaps the most important part of ryding. Leaving the scooter correctly is vital for not only other users to easily access it, but also to keep our cities clean. A happy ryde deserves a happy ending. Park responsibly.

How to nail parking. Every time.

Although parking is not an art, it can be. We believe that with enough care, anything can become art. We paint our cities with our presence, so we ought to leave it as the masterpiece it can be.
Keep it neat and tidy.
Park your e-scooter against the wall, in a bike rack or in a given parking zone. If you are unsure, a good tip is to park your e-scooter at an existing obstacle.
Do not block any pathways.
Always leave at least 2 meters free around you when parking, and pay extra attention not to park in the way of pedestrians. A poorly parked e-scooter can be a potential accident hazard.
Do not create any obstructions.
This applies to all vehicles, including e-scooters. Together we must ensure that we do not get in the way of entrances and exits to parking garages, bus stops, shops, metro stations, etc.
Park at a paralel.
Ask yourself if your parking works for others, and not just yourself. Do not park in the way of other vehicles and keep roads, bike lanes and transition lanes free.
Use the designated parking spots.
Always ensure you park responsibly by parking in the desigated parking zones in the app, and preferably in a scooter or bike rack to ensure stability. An e-scooter lying down can pose a great danger to the visually impaired and people with limited mobility.
Learn the different zones in the app.
The parking zones in the app vary from city to city. Make sure you know the different zones before heading out on your next trip.

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