Safety. We take it seriously.

Safety is our top priority. To make sure that we are continually improving our safety systematics, our team reviews every part of our organization on a continual basis.

One person per scooter

It is strictly prohibited to ride more than one person per scooter. Doing this increases the risk of injury to both riders and others in traffic, and may lead to legal liability for any resulting damages. Instead, open up another scooter through the Group Ryde function, or have them download the Ryde app onto their own phones.

Do not ride intoxicated

Never ride scooters while intoxicated. It is a criminal offense in most European countries and poses risks to yourself and others. During evening hours on weekends, a mandatory reaction time test helps prevent riding under the influence.

Ride safely, follow the rules of the road

Ride in bike lanes, show consideration for pedestrians, obey speed restrictions and never ride a scooter with more than one person. If you want to learn more about your local traffic regulations, check out Ryde School here or in the Ryde app.

Start slowly, learn to ride

You can choose to activate beginner mode in the Ryde app if you are new to electric scooters. This setting reduces the scooter's top speed, allowing you to start slowly and become familiar with the accelerator and brakes.

Stay inside the service area

In the Ryde app, you'll find detailed explanations of the various zones. These zones indicate where you can park and ride the scooter, as well as the locations of bike lanes and slow zones.

Do not use your phone while riding

Never use your phone while riding. Using a headset is also discouraged as it can impair your awareness of your surroundings in traffic. Our latest scooter models include a phone holder for safely using navigation apps to navigate the city easily. Always maintain a secure grip on the handlebars!

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Our fleet. Our technology.

Ryde is committed to innovating across our entire fleet, focusing on the sustainability of our parts, enhancing sensor capabilities, and utilizing real-time data models to promote a safer experience.
Lights and signals
Being visible to other road users is just as crucial as seeing them. We've equipped our vehicles with front and rear LED lights to enhance visibility, especially in low-light conditions. Additionally, turn signals have been installed to indicate your intentions to those around you.
Bigger front wheel
With larger front wheels, you can safely ride through a city with obstacles. Bigger wheels provide better grip and enhanced performance.
Dual brake system
Stopping is sometimes more important than moving forward. Our entire fleet is equipped with a dual brake system, ensuring you can brake effectively with both wheels for maximum grip and safety.
New IOT-module
Our newly developed in-house IoT module, equipped with the latest features, ensures the safest and most user-friendly journey yet.
Improved GPS
Our improved GPS on our electric scooters enhances safety by quickly detecting bike lanes, no riding zones, and slow zones. This allows for more precise navigation and helps riders avoid restricted areas, ensuring a safer riding experience.
Data-driven improvements
Ryde is innovating across all aspects of our operations, focusing on enhancing the durability of our parts, optimizing sensor signals, and leveraging real-time data models.
In-house inspection team
To ensure the quality of our vehicles, our trained staff conducts inspections and prompt repairs as needed. Users can also see the last inspection time in the Ryde app.
Free helmet included
We understand that it's easy to forget your helmet when you're on the go. That's why we've included helmets with our latest scooter model - and the best part? They're completely free. Simply unlock the helmet in the app after starting your trip.
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Customer Support
We're here to assist you. Contact our customer support team through the report feature in the Ryde app, email, or phone.
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