Safety. We take it seriously.

Safety is the top priority at ryde. To make sure that we are continually improving our safety systematics, our team reviews every part of our organization on a continual basis.

Buy a helmet, get a free Monthly Pass.

Always wear a helmet when ryding. We offer you a free monthly Ryde-pass when buying your helmet through our collab partners. In Ryde-cities you can take a selfie with your helmet on and earn loyalty points. Being safe is smart, being smart is cool. Be cool and protect your head!
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One person per ryde

It is strictly prohibited ryde tandem, meaning two or more, per e-scooter. Tandem riding increases the risk of injuring yourself and other people in traffic and may also result in legal responsibility for damages caused.. Instead, invite your friend on a group ryde or to download the ryde app on their own phone.

Do not ryde intoxicated.

Do not ride e-scooters while intoxicated, ever. It is  considered a criminal act in most European countries, and you will put yourself and others at risk. To address the scenario of drunk ryding, we developed the industry’s perhaps best reaction time test. The test will appear on strategical hours during the evening nights and suggests users that fail the test to use alternative transportation alternatives, such as taxi.

Ride safely, follow the rules of the road.

Ryde in bike lanes, show consideration for other commuters and pedestrians, obey speed restrictions, and never ride a scooter with more than one other person. If you wish to learn more about your local traffic regulations, check out Ryde School here or in the ryde app, our traffic learning platform.

Start slow, learn to ryde

You can select to turn on Beginner's mode in the Ryde app if you are new to the world of electric scooters. By lowering the scooter's top speed, you can start out slowly while becoming accustomed to the accelerator and brakes.

Stay in the service area.

In the Ryde app, the various zones are displayed and explained. These will help you navigate the service in a safe and responsible manner. Use the bike lane when it is available, pay attention to your surroundings at all times and stay within city limits.

Do not use your phone while ryding.

Never respond to texts or phone calls while driving. We also advise against using a headset because it can make it difficult for you to hear your surroundings when in traffic. With the phone holder that comes with our newest e-scooter you may use navigation apps to safely and easily navigate the city. Always maintain a firm grip on the handlebar!

Complete courses and earn credits! Everyone who completes both classes will have the chance to win 1000 credits each month.

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Our fleet. Our technology.

Ryde is looking to innovate with all elements of our fleet, including the substantiality of our parts, the indicators of our sensors, and real-time models of our data to help encourage a safer fleet.
Lights and signals.
To be seen by other trafficants is as important as seeing them. We've installed front and back LED lights to maximize visability, especially during the dark hours. We have also installed turn signals so that you can let others around you what your next move will be.
Bigger front wheel.
With bigger front wheels you can safely ryde in a city with obstacles. Bigger front wheels means greater hold and better performance.
Double brake system.
Stopping is sometimes more important than going. We have a double brake system on our entire fleet. This means, no matter what, you'll be able to brake with both wheels to ensure maximum grip.
All new IOT-module
Fully developed in-house, our new IOT-module enables all the latest features warranting the safest journey and best user experience to date.
Improved GSP-signal
Our new fleet, with our ned IOT-module, as an even better performing GPS signal that is accurate down to the tee. This means more accurate safety zone performance.
Data driven improvements
In order to promote a safer fleet, Ryde is seeking to innovate with all aspects of our fleet, including the durability of our parts, the signals from our sensors, and real-time models of our data.
In-house inspection team
To ensure the safety of our vehicles, we have a staff that is fully trained to inspect and, if needed, repair our electric scooters at a moments notice. Users will also have full transparency of when the vehicle was last inspected in the ryde app.
Free helmet included.
We know that it's easy to forget to bring a helmet when you're on the run. That is why we have included helmets on our lates scooters. The best part; it's 100% free. Simply unlock the helmet inside the app once you've started your ryde.
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Chat & Mail Support.
We're here to help. Anyone can reach out to a highly trained member of ryde's support team anytime any day, any time of the week.
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