Frequently Asked Questions


You can read about Ryde Pass here.

All up to date prices are listed in the app. If you press a scooter icon on the map, or scan a scooter, you will see the price.

We currently operate in Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Sandnes, Kristiansand, Karlstad, Gävle, Växjö, Halmstad, Stockholm, Umeå.

Please read about what to do if you can’t end your ride here.   

You can cancel your subscription in our app (via Menu > Profile).

No, this is strictly forbidden.

We strongly recommend wearing a helmet for your own safety.

Simply take a selfie before your your trip that shows that you are wearing a helmet.

No, this is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

We highly recommend making a report directly in the app as they will always be prioritized over any other support channel. If you do wish to send us an e-mail you may however do so by sending an e-mail to support@ryde-technology.com and we’ll get back to you within 72 hours.

We currently provide support in Norwegian/English.

Please make sure your telephone number is correct and can receive SMS messages. If the problem persists, please contact support.

The more you Ryde, the more discount you get!
You will have 30 days to reach a new level. If you have enough rides, you will be upgraded to the next level and earn a new discount for future rides. If you do not have enough trips for a new level, you need to have the same number of rides that were required to reach the previous level to stay on the same level. Otherwise, you will downgrade one level.
The ride must be more than 5 minutes to count for the loyalty program. The loyalty program will be paused during an active Ryde Pass. You can track your progress in the app if the loyalty program is available in your city.

Some cities may have a campaign where you get credits (that you can use on our services) for free when you download the app. These credits are time limited, and you can see when they expire in the app.

There is still a verification fee when you register as a new user. This fee will be converted to credits that will be added to your account. These credits will not be time limited, however they will be charged before time limited credits.


You can end your trip anywhere you want inside the operational area! The only exception is areas marked with a red layer which indicates a no parking zone. These are used to keep scooters free from specific areas (eg parks).

Please make sure to always park your scooter responsibly. This means keeping pathways clear by placing the Ryde eg near designated bike racks.

Please make sure to kick the scooter forward a few times for the scooter to have some speed before you use the throttle.

The GPS position may not always be entirely accurate and you might sometimes find that the scooter is not where it is supposed to be. The only advice we can give is to search for the scooter in the vicinity of where it’s showing on the map (and to remember that GPS signals are especially weak if the scooter is not in an open area). If you cannot find the scooter, please mark it as missing by reporting the issue via “Report” > “Parking Issue” > “Not at the GPS location”.

If you suspect someone brought a scooter indoors, please report the scooter as missing via “Report” > “Parking Issue” > “Inaccessible” and we may terminate the user from permanently using our services if/when this has been confirmed.

The app will not recognize if your phone shuts down. In order to end your trip successfully, please make sure the phone has battery.


Simply add your payment card and you’ll be charged automatically after every ride. You can also top up your account to receive free credits when you do so!

A charge of 50,- will be made to verify new users to prevent misuse. These charges will be converted into credits which you can use on our services.

Any more questions?
Feel free to reach out to us via support@ryde-technology.com if you need any help!

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