Vipps is now available!

March 7, 2023

We're proud to announce that we are the first e-scooter company that can offer Vipps as not only a sign up method, but also as a payment method!

Our ambition has always been to create the most user friendly experience for our users. Adding Vipps is a great milestone for us and has been a goal for quite some time underlining our commitment to provide the best micro-mobility service in the market.

Creating a profile, adding your payment method and performing age verification take a mere 25 seconds from start to you are ready to make your first Ryde!

Easy sign up with Vipps

For new users, this is a perfect way to create a user within seconds. Simply click "continue with Vipps" and vipps, you're (almost) done! An extremely practical signup method when all you want to do is to jump on a scooter and explore your city.

Following Norwegian legislation, Vipps also provide user identification as part of the process, using "Folkeregister"-data to verifying the users age in a very simple, secure and reliable way that is hard for minors to bypass!

Pay with Vipps

Vipps will also be a payment method alone, naturally. For existing users, all you need to do is to select Vipps as your preferred payment method and you'll find all your trip's receipts in the Vipps App as well as in the Ryde app.

Vipps will currently be available in Norway, but who knows, maybe the partnership with MobilePay will enable Vipps in abroad as well in the future?

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