Ryde partners up with Sightic Analytics

November 16, 2022

We're proud to announce that Ryde has partnered up with Sightic Analytics (f.k.a. Eyescanner Technology) to enhance the safety for our ryders. Sightic is on the forefront of AI-based software that detects intoxication through a proprietary algorithm based on advanced image analysis.

"We believe that partnering with Sightic to implement their AI-technology is a reliable and efficient way to bring this new technology to our users to increase safety, while making sure we continue to deliver the best possible customer experience." - Alexander Aagreen, CTO

Sightic will work with Ryde to bring their AI-based software to the market for our ryders. Their research and development will help ensure safe and responsible use of e-scooters within cities, which in turn will result in a safer environment for all ryders and non-ryders.

"For us, bringing this technology backed up by credible science is a unique way to tackle intoxicated driving with high accuracy. In both Sweden and Norway, intoxication has sadly been an issue for road safety." - Tobias Balchen, CEO

Sightic will be be seamlessly integrated into the Ryde app. When promted with Sightics software you just simply need to scan the tracking performance of your eyes and Sightic's algorithm will provide an immediate response. If the scan provides a positive result (i.e. the rider is not under the influence of alcohol) the user will be prompted to find other, more safe ways of commuting.

"The software is reading a number of bioindicators in the eye which react to intoxication. Based on the research they are able to interpret these indicators to judge intoxication. " - Tobias Balchen, CEO.

The partnership between Sightic and Ryde will promote safer rides and reduce accidents involving electric scooters caused by drunk driving.

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