Can't End Ride

What if I can't end my ride?

No need to worry.

We do our best to prevent technical issues but sometimes an error may occur. Firstly, please make sure you are not outside of the allowed parking zone or very close to the edge. If you still can’t end your ride, please do the following:

1- Lock the scooter (using the ‘Lock’ button)
2- Send a report in the app, clearly explaining 
A) What happened, if you receive any error messages etc
B) How long the actual trip was (when you first tried to end)

And keep the following in mind:
– You will not be charged until after the trip has been finished. This means if you can’t end your trip, we may adjust the time you will be charged for when dealing with your report.
– There is a max amount you may be charged. This means if you should manage to end your trip, you will not be charged over a certain amount, and we can always refund any excessive amount.
– Please refrain from sending multiple reports or e-mails. One report is sufficient to deal with your request and several reports or e-mail only increases the response times.

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