Can't End Ride

What if I can't end my ride?

Firstly, please make sure you are not outside of the allowed parking zone or very close to the edge. Please also make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

If you still can’t end the ride, please
1- Lock the scooter (using the ‘Lock’ button)
2- Send a report in the app, clearly explaining 
A) Why you can’t end your ride, e.g. if you receive error messages
B) How long the actual trip lasted

Please note that a report must be sent immediately after you experience any problems. Otherwise, you may not be compensated.

We encourage to send a report instead of an e-mail as reports are considered a higher priority.

Please refrain from sending multiple reports or e-mails. One report is sufficient to deal with your request and several reports or e-mail only increases the response times.

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